Blog #6 – The Importance of being in Shape for Basketball (or any sport)

Blog #6 – The Importance of being in Shape for Basketball (or any sport)

The Important of being in Shape for Basketball (or any sport)

Ok, you read the title and thought, “I already know that”, but let me explain what I mean.

When we think of being in shape, we think of lean, muscular, toned, cut people. Are they in shape? Of course they are. Are they in basketball shape? Can they run around like Klay Thompson or Ray Allen? Umm….maybe. What’s the difference? If you get these people on the basketball court and make them play 40 minutes, they may get tired after 5 minutes, because they haven’t trained to play basketball.

You currently might be in a situation where you go to the gym, lift weights, get on the court and shootaround a few times a week. Just like the pros do. But when you get into a game, you get tired really quickly.  It may be because you haven’t trained the most fundamental part of basketball (or any sport), running up and down the court. We see videos of the Klay Thompson hitting 50 straight 3 pointers or Dwight Howard lifting heavy weights in the gym. But we don’t see the offseason work where they do to the beach, the running track or the field and work on their cardio. This is the arguably the most important thing to getting in basketball shape.

A lot of you might already be doing cardio training. Well, how much cardio training do you do? Is it 10 minutes on the bike before you hit the weights? Unfortunately, that is not a cardio session, that is a warm up. A good cardio session should be as long as your gym session 20-30+ minutes. You’re not limited to any type of cardio. You can do Long runs, interval runs, treadmill running, bike, stairs etc. There are so many different types you can do. But 10 minutes of it won’t be enough.

As an added bonus, having better cardio will decrease the chances of you getting injured. When you start incorporating cardio into your workouts, make sure you still have enough rest days for your body to recover.

Is it boring? Yes. Is it annoying? Yes. But it’s also vital to getting into basketball shape.


Long Run
Continuous running for 25-30 minutes at 70% of maximum effort

Running sideline to sideline 17 times (going one way is 1, coming back is 2)
Run 17 in 1:10min and rest for 2 mins. Do 5 sets

Rowing Machine
Row 500m as fast as you can (Try aim under 2 minutes) and rest for 1 minute
Do 10 sets.

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