Blog #5 – How to increase your Vertical Jump

Blog #5 – How to increase your Vertical Jump

We’ve all been through that struggle. Needing a few more inches to touch the backboard, the rim or throw down your first dunk like Jordan or LeBron. Here, we’ll give you the secret to gaining inches on your vertical jump. OK, Ready?

Practice, Dedication and Patience.

OK, I know you guys are disappointed, but hear me out.


If you want to get better at jumping…YOU HAVE TO PRACTICE JUMPING! Makes sense right? I mean, if you want to become a good shooter, you have to practice shooting. Jumping is the same way. Now, I know you’re asking “Well, why do all the videos I’ve seen online tell me to do all these different exercises to improve my vertical leap?”

Really good question, and the reason is, have you tried doing a 30-45 minute workout of just jumping? It’s really tiring and can get quite boring. Breaking down jumping into strength exercises (Squats, deadlifts, lunges etc) and explosive exercises (jumping, hopping, depth jumps, split jumps etc) that mimic jumping somewhat is a less boring way that will let you train harder and for longer. Check out our instagram and youtube page for some exercise ideas.


Everyone has seen those videos:
“3 best exercises to increase your vertical leap”
“How to increase your vertical leap in 10 minutes”

Are these videos fake news? Well no they’re not, but if you only train once a week for 10 minutes a day, how much improvement will you really make? Steph Curry didn’t become an elite shooter by practicing once a week for ten minutes. What can you take away from these videos then? All the exercises on all these videos are really good to increase vertical leap. But you have to be dedicated enough to do them at least 3x a week for 25+ mins at a time. Now you don’t want to over train either. Getting rest days in are important. But if you have too many rest days, you won’t improve either. Sometimes less can be more!


This is the toughest one. We live in a world of instant gratification. We get annoyed watching 30 second ads online before watching videos, we love having instant food because it’s quick (and really nice). You won’t be able to do that with training. Even if you practice right and dedicate yourself, you might not see significant results for the first three weeks of training. A lot of people will give up after that. But don’t let this put you down. Be patient, keep grinding and the results will come. If you do these three things, you will definitely be hitting the backboard, grabbing the rim or throwing down your first jam!



Day 1:
Weighted Squats 3×15
Deadlifts 4×10
Hip Thrusts 3×15
Single Leg Squats 4×10
Calf Raises 3×20

Day 2:
Jump onto box/step 4×10
Split Jumps 4×10
Single Leg Hops 3×30
Tuck Jumps 4×10
Forward Jumps 4×10

Day 3:
Jump Rope for 10-20 minutes

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