Blog #1 – What is an Exercise Physiologist?

Blog #1 – What is an Exercise Physiologist?

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“Have you ever met with an Exercise Physiologist before?”

Is usually one of my first questions during our initial consult. Most of the time the answer is “no”, with some adding “are you like a personal trainer (pt)?”.

Well similar to a pt, an Exercise Physiologist’s (or EP as we call it) role is to deliver exercise-focused interventions. However, EP’s specialise in providing active treatment plans and behavioural modification programs to help individuals manage their injuries or health condition/s. 

As more research continues to support the positive and holistic effects of exercise on the human body, EP’s prescribe this up-to-date research for injuries or health conditions whether the have recently occurred or have been existing for some time.

The beauty of seeing an EP is that we tailor our exercise plans for your individual needs. We equip you with personalised daily strategies and encourage corrective movements so that you can return to the meaningful activities in your life .

What to expect in your first EP consult?

The aim of our first consult is to understand your health-related goals, identify any causes/impact of your condition and then work with you to develop a progressive treatment plan. 

We kick things off with a discussion to learn more about your  history followed by a brief movement assessment  to gather baseline measures. We then provide you with the education, strategies and plan of attack to get you on the right track to reaching your health goals.

Following our consult, we provide you with a copy of our treatment plan via hard copy. We have also created a YouTube channel with videos to help guide you with your exercises (click the link below).

Our EP’s can help those with the following:

  • Workcover/CTP injuries
  • Musculoskeletal or sport injuries (including lower back pain, Osteoarthritis)
  • Pre and post surgery
  • Falls prevention
  • Chronic disease management plans (including Diabetes, High blood pressure, High cholesterol, Heart disease)
  • Diabetes group classes
  • Weight management
  • People who are looking into establishing an active routine (and lifestyle)
Do you have more questions?

Feel free to leave your contact details and we will get back to you shortly.
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